Top-10 on Russian IT-market

RUSSOFT Association has presented its ranking of Russian universities which train IT specialists. According to this survey, NSU is among the Top-10 with its 8th position. The top list contains only 2 Novosibirsk universities, 4 Moscow universities and 4 Saint Petersburg universities.

Position University Ranking
1 St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics. 82
2 Bauman Moscow State Technical University 77
3 St. Petersburg State University 74
4 Moscow State University 65
5 St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University 56
6 Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology 54
7 St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University 47
8 Novosibirsk State University 27
9 Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (State University) 27
10 Novosibirsk State Technical University 19

The ranking was based on the number of references to the universities by employers with respect to the university graduates hired by software companies over the last four years. Altogether, 100 universities were mentioned as the best, but most of them had only one voice. This survey represents opinions of 300+ employers. RUSSOFT Association is a big and influential nation-wide association of Russian software developing companies. Established in St-Petersburg in September, 1999 as the consortium "Fort-Ross", the organization changed its name to RUSSOFT in 2004, after having merged with the National Software Development Association (NSDA). Now it unites 70+ companies with 25000+ software engineers.

RUSSIA GLOBAL22 ноября 2014